About Piccola Opera

“Piccola Opera is dedicated to educating, enlightening, and entertaining the public in the realm of opera.”

Piccola Opera has taken up residence in Concord, NH and this non profit opera company has something for everyone.

“We are looking forward to bringing some beauty and light to the Granite State and beyond”, says Catherine Martinez, Executive Director of Piccola Opera.”

Formally called Just Love to Sing!, the non-profit organization recently enlarged its Board of Directors and decided to grow its company into a larger operatic entity. Piccola Opera will be devoted to not only educating the public with regard to opera, but offer a venue for emerging singers to practice their craft.

“This is something of a novelty, these days”, according to Artistic Director Jane Cormier. “So many companies and programs have closed their doors. An opera singer cannot learn to perform inside a vocal studio. It is only through live performing that singers can really learn their craft of operatic performing. Our goal will meet their needs to enlarge their resumes and give these deserving young performers live opportunities to grow as operatic artists.”

The company will continue their annual opera competition as well. Typically, there are 40-plus performers who apply to the opera competition. This year’s 2016 competition will offer a cash prize and performance contracts.

Piccola Opera offers three tiers: a community participation tier, an educational tier, and a professional performance tier. Having been involved in opera for over 30 years, our directors understand that for opera to grow from its current “niche” status into a more mainstream acceptance, a multi-tiered mission is imperative.

“Promotion of opera in our communities takes a combined effort of support. We need individual membership, business sponsors, and production underwriters. By offering our community members the opportunity to enjoy performing and to offer emerging artists a place to hone their craft is what Piccola Opera is all about”, says Executive Director, Catherine Martinez.

Piccola opera welcomes you to its wonderful assortment of performances which will include not only our Summer Festival performances, but an “Opera and a Dinner” series, and our Youth Opera productions. We invite you to join us on this musical adventure. Stay tuned for our upcoming events and we hope to see YOU at the opera!

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